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Prelude Ventures

Seasonal Seed Handling Technician (Contract Opportunity)

Benson Hill

Benson Hill

St. Louis, MO, USA
Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024



About Benson Hill

Benson Hill empowers innovators to develop more healthy, tasty and sustainable food by unlocking the natural genetic diversity of plants. Benson Hill’s CropOS™ platform combines machine learning and big data with breeding techniques and plant biology to drastically accelerate and simplify the product development process. This platform allows for cost-effective and more efficient ways for companies to analyze and make improvements in plant genetics. Benson Hill brings a unique and holistic approach to our product and platform development, as we span a broader workflow involving trait and seed development, genome editing, and breeding all the way to creating better ingredients and varieties that tap a strong consumer demand for more flavorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables. More information can be found online at www.bensonhill.com. Follow us on Twitter at @BensonHillInc.

Our Purpose and Core Values

Our Core Values are a set of common principles we share that are fundamental to our company’s identity.

  • Be Bold! We redefine boundaries by providing new solutions to difficult problems. Together we are driven to transform the future and will not allow the fear of failure to prevent us from innovating. We voice our opinions, embrace change, and challenge each other to think creatively.
  • Be Inspired! We redefine boundaries by providing new solutions to difficult problems. Together we are driven to transform the future and will not allow the fear of failure to prevent us from innovating. We voice our opinions, embrace change, and challenge each other to think creatively.
  • Be Real! We understand who we are, what we want to achieve, and what it takes to get there. We hold each other accountable through timely, candid, and well-intentioned feedback. Together we engage in honest communication and healthy debate that leads to success through true alignment.

Department Overview

The centralized seed handling (CSH) warehouse is where innovation and precision meet to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in seed processing and storage. As a leading facility in the agricultural industry, we take immense pride in providing comprehensive seed handling solutions to internal and external growers alike. At our warehouse, we understand the critical role that seeds play in the growth of crops and the overall success of farming endeavors. From cleaning, sorting, and grading to packaging and storage, each step is carefully orchestrated to maintain seed integrity and viability. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to upholding the strictest quality standards and adhering to industry best practices. With years of experience and a profound understanding of seed characteristics, we ensure that each batch of seeds is meticulously handled, minimizing any potential risks, and maximizing phenotypical data. As environmental stewardship is paramount, we have implemented eco-friendly practices to reduce waste, water consumption, and energy usage, underscoring our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, our facility maintains strict hygiene protocols to prevent any contamination, always safeguarding the purity and quality of the seeds. Collaboration and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our operation. We work closely with our partners to tailor our services to their specific needs and offer personalized solutions for their seed handling requirements. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in seed handling, our mission remains unwavering: to support agricultural advancements, empower farmers, and contribute to a thriving global food supply. We invite you to experience the efficiency, precision, and care that defines our Centralized Seed Handling operation.

Position Summary

We are actively seeking a seasonal worker, who is a highly motivated individual, to assist our Seed Handling team. Work will primarily consist of general research seed processing and packaging tasks such as running seed processing equipment, inventory management, counting, shipping, and organizing packaged research lots. Supports research activities by performing routine research tasks under supervision. Follows protocols to collect data and log data findings.


  • Able to work 40 hrs per week; some weekend work may be required.
  • Able to lift a minimum of 50lbs.
  • Passion for plants, willing to learn and ready to take on challenges.
  • Ability to work creatively and efficiently in a fast-paced, start-up company environment.
  • High attention to detail, positive attitude, and works well within a cross functional group of warehouse, green house, and lab environments.
  • Demonstrates an adaptable, attentive and thorough work ethic.
  • Excellent planning, organization, and execution skills.

You Will:

(Essential Duties and Responsibilities)

  • General seed warehouse tasks such as seed processing, packaging, shipping, receiving, and sorting seed for R&D purposes.
  • Sets up, adjusts, and operates equipment and instruments.
  • Follow protocols to generate accurate operational data.
  • Maintains clean facilities, equipment, and instruments.

You Have:

(Competencies and Qualifications)


  • HS/ GED


  • Relevant experience


  • Attention to detail
  • Strong Customer Focus
  • Collaborative
  • Ability to focus and follow directions and SOP’s